Our mission is to create a modern, friendly and comfortable place for patients and their families in the treatment of female diseases and fertility restoration.

We believe that having a child is the inalienable right of every adult. For majority of people, childbirth is the most important event which gives life a deeper meaning. This is why we have decided to create a unique place in Poznań, in which modern technologies as well as the knowledge and the experience of the best specialists in gynecology and psychology will bring the joy of creating a new life to a wide range of couples desiring a baby, yet struggling with infertility.

Diagnosis of infertility

The main goal of our actions is the well-being and comfort of our patients we are guiding through difficult and often intimate moments. We guarantee treatment in the best possible conditions fully respecting your time and privacy.

Our infertility centre does not only include top quality equipment, but above all, a friendly and highly qualified personnel starting from reception staff to doctors, nurses, psychologists, dieticians and physiotherapists. Each patient, along with the family, will receive comprehensive, personalized care during the treatment and pregnancy.

We also pay great attention to prenatal examinations which allows to treat numerous child defects as early as in the mother’s womb. Patients will always get full access to such treatments in our centre.

We believe that our project, developed in cooperation with YouNick, will change the face of medical service related with infertility treatment. Our intention is to provide hope and real help to parents, and consequently the reason to feel the sense of personal fulfillment. We hope that thanks to our Poznan infertility treatment centre numerous individuals will soon feel the joy of a healthy and happy parenting.


We have created a friendly place for people struggling with infertility problems.


Many of those who hear the name “infertility centre” or “in vitro clinic” have a number of negative connotations in mind.

The sense of insecurity, suffering, helplessness, and above all, the fear of the unknown. Infertility treatment centres are perceived as cold and unpleasant. Frequently, we wrongly distance ourselves or even run away from the topic and place which affects us in such an unfavorable way as it deprives our faith in achieving the desired goal instead of reassuring.


We found a way to deal with this problem and created a friendly place for individuals who struggle with the problem of infertility.

Today, we would then like to invite you with even greater pleasure to our Poznań centre of infertility treatment which stands in opposition with all stereotypes about similar centres. IVITA is a unique place, created for the future, and most importantly, happy parents.

We give hope of enlarging a family and equal chances at the start. We make every effort to be able to celebrate this magical moment of the miracle of birth.


Our infertility treatment center is located in a quiet area of Poznań. We provide full comfort during your stay, friendly service and of course the highest quality medical services.

We offer a professional and experienced team of passionate and committed specialist doctors who help you fight for what is considered as the most important nowadays, namely a new life.

You, as a new parent, are our biggest strength. IVITA infertility treatment center gives you the opportunity to have a loving and warm family.

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