Men are reluctant to admit and are sometimes ashamed to discuss it.

However, the truth is that they can be equally responsible for the problems with conception of a child as much as their partners who tend to be blamed for the inability the get pregnant.

According to numerous studies, only among 10% of couples, unsuccessful in their attempts to have a baby, both partners are responsible. It is even more important to prevent and raise men’s awareness on how important their health condition is, and if necessary, the implementation of appropriate treatment to enjoy the wonders of having offspring in the future.
Today, many clinics offer specialised examinations and dedicated infertility therapies not only for women but also for men. In the fight against such an important disease as infertility, it is important to correctly identify its causes and appropriate treatment for both partners.

Symptoms of male infertility

There are numerous reasons of infertility which also apply to men. What should then catch the attention of partners? What are the actual symptoms of male infertility?

The most alarming symptoms shall include: erectile dysfunction, low or complete lack of sexual drive, small testicles and testicular pains. Equally, male infertility may occur due to the decreased sexual ability, ejaculation problems (smaller volume, different color or consistency), burning during urination, scrotum deformity, prostate pain both during and after the intercourse.

In the case of men, it is then crucial to diagnose it early, in particular to properly identify the above conditions before attempting to have a baby. It is possible to increase the chances of natural conception.

If only any of the alarming symptoms appear, it is vital to immediately visit an urologist and sexologist who can dispel any doubts.

Factors increasing the risk of male infertility

Many men underestimate the influence of a healthy lifestyle on the comfort of their sexual life and infertility. Research shows that male infertility can be sometimes cured by a change in the current lifestyle. Introduction of a proper diet, implementation of good habits and the elimination of bad ones – it really helps.

What has a particularly negative effect on male fertility? It certainly is the so-called sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, men trying to conceive the offspring are advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle without abusing alcohol. The other factor increasing the probability of fertility problems is testicle overheating and harmful work conditions.

Male infertility and appropriate examination

One of the most significant examinations is the semen analysis, the so-called seminogram. The analysis involves sperm assessment, prostatic secretions and seminal vesicles. This is the easiest and the most effective form of male infertility diagnosis.

Sperm analysis enables to check of the quality, quickness and the volume of sperm in the semen. Needless to say, the analysis itself may be found embarrassing for many, but it does not affect one’s health in any way. The test is performed in comfortable conditions and the examination of male genitals and semen is simple, affordable and allows you to quickly discover, among others, the reason of infertility.

One should remember, that the quality of semen is negatively affected mainly by stimulants (mainly tobacco, alcohol and drugs, but also caffeine or obesity), existing diseases and medications (eg. antibiotics or drugs for hypertension, heart disease and digestive system).

For more detailed diagnosis, the basic sperm test can be completed with the HOS test (determining sperm viability based on the evaluation of cell membrane integrity in a hypoosmotic environment, HBA test (which determines sperm maturity based on the ability to bind with hyaluronate) or MAR test (used to detect antisperm antibodies).

Dear Gentlemen, if you wish to enjoy beautiful and healthy offspring in the future, take care of yourself and your lifestyle in advance.

Semen analysis using CASA method

The Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) is a tool consisting of a phase-contrast microscope coupled with a camera and computer software.

The method involves performing the analysis of digital images which provide highly detailed data concerning types of sperm movement and the determination of numerous additional parameters.

One of the advantages of the method is high fidelity and precision, accuracy and repeatability of results, as well as objectivity of the test.

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