Naprotechnologyis a relatively new method of infertility treatment which keeps gaining popularity.

It comprises the observation of physiological and biochemical processes occurring in the body of the future mum. On such a basis, a diagnosis and procedural indications are formulated which aim at the desired pregnancy.

The great advantage of naprotechnology is the fact that the method is completely natural and it does not affect baby’s or mother’s health in any negative way. In addition, it helps in the treatment of infertility, is also provides excellent support in fighting many other female diseases such as premature birth, miscarriage, endometriosis and abnormalities in the functioning of the ovaries. Naprotechnology is based on a detailed analysis of the cervical mucus, whose properties change in the course of the female natural fertility cycle. Both men and women participate in the treatment process. After a number of specialized examinations and laboratory analyses, a disease in diagnosed.

It is worth mentioning, that naprotechnology is the field which develops continuously. Specialists from the Poznan Ivita centre follow the latest scientific advances which allow them to offer their patients the best solutions available. The course of the treatment may be supported by hormonal stimulation or surgical procedures. The aim of the treatment is to conceive in a body of a healthy woman. Activities focus on the improvement of male semen quality and the maintenance of regular cycles of the female patient.

The advantages of naprotechnology include, among other aspects, a relatively low price and a much higher efficiency than the in-vitro method. The treatment program lasts for a maximum of two years, however, achieving both satisfactory results and the conception of a baby may arrive much sooner.

Needless to say, naprotechnology should not be considered as an alternative to the in-vitro method. In the case of incurable (preventing natural conception) sterility, it will not be effective.

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