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The experience of stress related with infertility may be compared to the one experienced in the fight against cancer.

Infertility often confronts us with with strong fear, anger, despair, guilt and helplessness. The process of infertility treatment is then the time in which we need to pay great attention to our emotional well-being.

Meeting with a psychologist at IVITA is the opportunity to receive psychological support adequate to your specific situation and needs. It may take the form of a single psychological advice, a cycle of psychotherapeutic meetings or a psychological diagnosis. With the consent of the patient, psychologists cooperate with the gynecologist and other specialists involved in the treatment of infertility in order to support the medical proceedings as effectively as possible.

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A unique offer, which combine psychological knowledge, coaching techniques and mindfulness methods aiming at the support of women in the prolonged wait for a baby, has been prepared with IVITA patients in mind.
Fertility workshops is a cycle of meetings in small groups helping us to build new, supporting beliefs and attitudes related with maternity. The workshop is a combination of the personal development path and change as well as the support coming from the group in a similar situation. The process is developed with a constant support of the two leaders, who possess the competences of a psychologist, trainer, coach and awarness teacher.

Some effective support in the treatment of infertility include technique related with mindfulness and method integrating the mind and the body. It is a way to develop a better understanding of oneself, to calm down and be closer with one’s own thoughts, emotions and feelings from the body. Meetings can take place in the form of individual classes or in intimate groups participating in the program of implementation of mindfulness into their lives.


A psychologist and psychotherapist working with women and couple whose efforts to have a baby prolong. She is a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University and Universita di Pisa in Italy.

She graduated from the community Doctoral Studies at the SWPS University. She works and continues to educate herself in the systemic approach and the current of Transactional Analysis.

She is a cofounder of the Inspeerio psychological centre, she is affiliated as a psychologist with the Rak Off foundation for people suffering from cancer.

Her articles on infertility psychology were published on websites such as Nasz Bocian, edziecko and onet.pl.

She leads monthly guidance meetings at the IVITA Centre called “Women about women”, dedicated to those who strive for the dreamed child.


Psychologist, physiotherapist, a graduate of the Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznań and the School of Social Psychology in Warsaw, specializing in clinical psychology.

She has done multiple clinical internships, among others, at the II Department of Psychiatry Clinic in Warsaw, the Academic Centre of Psychotherapy and Development in Warsaw, the Psychiatry Clinic of Child and Adolescent in Poznań and at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

She gains her experience working with the parents of newborns and children, among others, from the several-year work at the Poznań Clinic of Neonatology and in the Early Child Diagnosis Clinic at GSPK (Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology) number 3 in Poznań.

She proudly completed numerous trainings such as the training of the Assessment of Global Movement Patterns using Prechtl's Method, Early Assessment and Interaction with Babies and Young Children at the Bobath Centre in London, or a training concerning the implementation of Bayley III Child Development Assessment Scale, also those on speech development stimulation for children with deficits.

She is a graduate of a one-year school of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for children and adolescents at the CTPB (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Centre) in Warsaw.

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