What is infertility?

In clinical practice, infertility may be assumed in the case when the offspring cannot be conceived after a year of regular intercourse (average frequency of sexual intercourse: 3-4 time a week) without the use of contraceptives.

Statistically, 10-15% percent of couples struggle with the infertility problem. In 45% of cases, the reasons lie in either male or female, and only 10% of cases involve the responsibility of both partners. Moreover, we two types of infertility may be distinguished: permanent inability to get pregnant (sterilitas) and the inability to carry to term (infertilitas).

Diagnostyka niepłodności

Diagnostyka niepłodnosci

Can infertility be treated?

You can and you even have to.

As mentioned above, it is a disease which should be properly treated with a comprehensive therapy, especially when we care about making a happy family. It is therefore worth focusing on actions that will lead us to that goal, namely to undergo a specialized treatment. Firstly, it revives our hope and secondly, it gives a real chance of having offspring.

Above all, it is important to provide a proper diagnosis and identify the real problem, the solution of which should be entrusted to qualified specialists of infertility treatment. They will provide comfort and take every effort to increase the chance of recovery and the start of a new stage in life with your beloved baby by your side.

How to deal with infertility?

A proper diagnosis of whether infertility affects a woman, a man or both partners gives the best chance to cure and the basis to implement an effective therapy.

Infertility treatment is neither quick nor simple. It requires sacrifice and patience, but in the case of success, it is undisputedly worth it. The above will be confirmed by couples who have already undergone such a treatment and their effort paid off with the best possible gift, a new family member (infertilitas).

Diagnostyka niepłodności

Diagnostyka niepłodnosci

Infertility treatmentmethods

Among the most popular treatment methods we distinguish hormonal treatment, insemination with the husband’s or donor’s semen, and in vitro fertilization.

If necessary, patients may also undergo appropriate surgical procedure.

Where to treat infertility effectively?

you are interested in effective and comprehensive infertility treatment, IVITA is the optimal choice. We help you with passion and professionalism.

The best thing you can do is choose the most reliable and effective centre whose domain is the infertility treatment. Only a fully modern and innovative center can guarantee satisfactory results.

Diagnostyka niepłodnosci

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